12 Online lead management software

A quick Insight on the best online lead management software available online

To generate leads, you need to do more than just drive traffic to your website. Online lead management software is also about obtaining their contact information so that you can communicate with them and make them into clients. Lead generation, like any other difficult task, necessitates the use of the appropriate tools, even by seasoned marketers. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best lead creation tools on the market today. That way, you’ll be able to select the best tools for your business, and you’ll soon see an increase in leads and sales.

Software/Tools for Generating Leads

People interested in your company’s product or service can be quickly contacted using lead generation tools and software. Most of these “leads” come from your website or other online sources. The key to lead generation software is that you don’t have to do any continuing manual work to obtain leads.

To put it another way, these technologies allow you to free up time to work on other aspects of your company. A freebie (such a voucher, download, or other appealing things) is typically offered in exchange for a user’s email address. To begin the process of converting your leads into paying clients, you will need to obtain their email addresses.

12 best online lead management software available:

Here is a list of the best online lead management software that you can find. Keep on reading here to find out.


When it comes to generating leads, OptinMonster is the best lead creation platform out there. Anything goes when it comes to finding the right leads for your website. When it comes to developing campaigns to generate quality leads, OptinMonster has the proper tool for the job

On-site lead generation campaigns like popup slide-in windows and gamified spin-to-win wheels can all be created with OptinMonster.  Your campaigns are shown to the right people at the right time thanks to OptinMonster’s powerful personalization and targeting display rules.


Plugins for social proof notifications like TrustPulse are hard to come by these days. Prospecting will be impossible if you can’t build trust. That trust is built on the basis of social proof An effective lead generation marketing tactic that requires minimal effort is to include social proof notifications. You’ll see notifications from TrustPulse for actions like product views or purchases, newsletter subscriptions, and more. Visitors will feel more comfortable with your site if they can see real-time activity from real people.


In terms of landing page builders, seedpod is by far the best out there. Using a drag and drop builder, you can create stunning landing pages in just a few minutes. Using a drag-and-drop page builder, you can create a wide range of pages for your website. You can count on SeedProd for sales, maintenance, webinars, and even optin campaigns. You don’t even have to design responsive or mobile-ready pages with our 150+ landing page templates.

SeedProd’s integration with various email service providers and protection from spam, bots, and other fraudulent entries make it a powerful tool in the conversion game.


It’s easy to use WPForms to create simple lead generation forms for your website. In a matter of seconds, you may have the form you need on your website thanks to more than 300 pre-built templates. Forms, unlike OptinMonster’s popups, have a limited number of targeting options, but they are still an excellent and reliable method of generating leads.


Email and text message marketing are both included in Sendinblue’s marketing automation software. You may also generate highly engaging emails using their drag & drop builder, construct automated workflows, and segment users. Everything you need to know about email marketing is at your fingertips at Sendinblue. Sophisticated Sendinblue features include everything from automation to segmentation to email design. For Facebook advertisements, landing pages, and signup forms it provides builders.


A quick email search with Hunter is a useful tool. Email address patterns can be found simply by typing in a URL. A confidence rating from Hunter lets you know whether or not the email is likely to be accurate. As a result, Hunter is one of the most effective email search tools available.


A Chrome plugin from AeroLeads makes it easy to look for new business opportunities across a variety of industry-specific websites, such as LinkedIn. AeroLeads only requires you to enter a user’s name and company name. After there, it will discover their company’s email addresses and other methods of getting in touch. To begin working with these leads right away, AeroLeads will add them to your email marketing lists.


Norbert promises to assist you to identify and authenticate email addresses so that you may accomplish everything from gathering leads to establishing commercial contacts. Email lists may be easily stored and organized using the tool’s integration with a variety of CRM systems. It’s a good lead-generation tool in the grand scheme of things.

D&B Hoovers

D&B Hoovers claims to have the most complete business database in the world. –D&B In order to find new customers, you can utilize it to develop a list of potential customers. With the support of Hoovers’ database, you’ll be able to have more relevant dialogues with your potential customers. As a result, you’ll be able to close more sales and generate more leads. This data can help you make better marketing decisions so that you can communicate with your leads in a way that is more relevant to them.


Datanyze focuses solely on business-to-business relationships. In addition to email addresses and direct dial numbers, their Chrome plugin also provides quick access to cell phone numbers. Datanyze guarantees refunds for any inaccuracies in their database, so you can use them without worry.


Do you have a specific target market in mind? Choose your best prospects from a database of more than 200 million contacts. All are separate from the industry. Doing it by telling Growbots what you’re looking for. Using Growbots, you can get in touch with the key decision-makers immediately and then follow up on your behalf.


When it comes to email address prospecting, dialogues, pipelines, and workflow. Overloop stands out from the crowd as a CRM worth checking out. One of the greatest benefits of using a drag-and-and-drop dashboard is the ability to see all of your pipelines in one place.

With Overloop’s visual dashboard, you can put your sales prospecting on autopilot and focus on other tasks. The best part is that it works with a wide variety of services to automatically obtain contact information.


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