14 Best lead management software

A quick Insight into the Best lead management software available in the market

Acquiring new customers is the goal of Lead Management or Customer Acquisition Management. Which is a collection of techniques, practices, and procedures. As a result of this need, lead management tools had been developed by both small and large companies. Simplified customer database and sales lead acquisition and management solutions are essential for all firms, regardless of size. This article compares and contrasts the top lead management tools currently on the market.

Lead Management Software
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What is Lead Management and Tracking?

Your products and services have both direct and indirect users. In the beginning, businesses focus on the most valued and receptive consumers they can find. Convertibles are the ones we consider to be the most promising prospects. The whole point of lead tracking is to stage or classify a potential customer’s interest in your product or service.

Comparison of CRM Software against Lead Management Software

The lead management system takes care of gathering information, identifying potential customers, and completing the sale. CRM, on the other hand, necessitates the existence of an existing client database before considering a sales strategy. A potential customer is like a new lead. This lead could become a customer if everything goes according to plan between the two parties.

CRM can never be a part of lead management, although lead management can be combined with CRM in some software tools. It’s like comparing prospective customers to current customers. Customers, on the other hand, are able to make use of both promotional and loyalty incentives. Whereas prospects are only able to take advantage of one or the other.

What is the Lead generation Methodology?

The lead generation process is the first step in the process of converting a potential consumer into a customer. A key phase in the process of generating, qualifying, and tracking leads. Initial interactions, such as demonstrating values or resolving queries, are recorded and then frozen to prevent further delivery.

Lead Management Software

It’s time to get your firm back on track with the help of lead management software. Using cloud-based lead management software, firms are able to acquire, route, and nurture leads. Which improves their marketing and sales alignment. Using post-click landing sites and interactive forms, lead automation and assignment solutions ensure that crucial leads don’t fall through the cracks. In order to keep track of leads along the sales funnel. Lead activity tracking and lead communication tools are in use to meet with them, phone them, and chat with them.

Lead conversion accuracy can be anticipated using the software’s built-in lead scoring feature. It is imperative that leads are rout appropriately in order to be handled by the most qualified salespeople. Using strong analytics and reporting tools, you can simply monitor your lead management KPIs. Lead management KPIs such as conversion rates, acquisition rates, and other lead management metrics. The following is a list of the best lead management applications ready to handle your follow-ups.

14 Best lead management software


For small and medium-sized sales teams, Pipedrive is a CRM and sales pipeline management tool. It was designed by dedicat salespeople and ex-Skypers who have worked together for years. Pipedrive puts deals in order of importance, so you can focus on the most essential ones first and always have a good picture of sales. Pipedrive presents you with a unified view of your sales process every time you launch it. It provides clarity and enables you and your colleagues to work together more effectively. Tracking emails, phone calls, and other communications are done for you on the fly. It’s much easy to get things done with Pipedrive since it can help remove obstacles in your path. Pipedrive ensures that your activities stay on track. Your goals remain attainable because it places the pipeline at the center of everything you do. More important everything you want to accomplish.


NoCRM.io is a sales management platform that enables salespeople to focus on selling and supports the whole sales cycle. Data entry, administration, and complexity can reduce. This results that lead and team priorities should be more readily visible thanks to this tool. While it can be used by any company with a requirement to handle leads. The program is primarily targeted toward small and medium-sized organizations.

Freshworks CRM.

One of the greatest sales CRMs and lead management tools, Freshsales has features like built-in phone and email, lead scoring, user activity tracking, and automation on a single platform. With over 100,000 users globally, it’s also a top customer service tool. The goal of this solution is to provide businesses with complete control over the lead generation and sales conversion.

HubSpot CRM

Users of HubSpot CRM may automate lead management chores as well as do all necessary marketing and sales activities. Automated tracking and a dashboard showing all deals in one place.  It monitors all prospective sales channels, from email to social media. As a result, marketing plans can complete more quickly and efficiently. All this and more make this system one of the most popular lead management solutions out there.


Cloud-based CRM and lead management program Copper connect completely with G Suite products. It assists in the exchange of data and contacts information linked to an email. In addition, it has all of the relevant contact information. That includes name, title, phone number, and company, as well as a history of our interactions. Using information from earlier correspondence can also propose potential contacts for generating new prospects.


In terms of Zoho CRM, it offers the ability to generate leads and contact management, as well as sales pipeline management and purchasing control. Users, businesses, and organizations can all benefit from this smart lead management software. Sales and marketing, support and collaboration, financial and recruitment requirements, and so on all benefit from this solution. There are numerous applications that are in use via a mobile device. Applications including those for tracking sales, interacting with customers, and managing leads and prospects.


When it comes to OnePageCRM, Action-oriented OnePageCRM is renowned. It’s a customer relationship management system that turns a dormant database into a useful task list. For every contact in OnePageCRM, the system assigns a task next to it. Users set a task and then work on or complete it before moving on to the next one. No lead, prospect, or client is left without notice when using this results-driven strategy. In order to help small businesses grow more quickly and more efficiently,


When it comes to the product, ConvergeHub is an enterprise-grade CRM that includes sales and marketing as well as support and billing. For small and medium-sized businesses, it’s a powerful growth platform. It is possible to complete all customer-related tasks using ConvergeHub at any point in the customer’s life cycle.

ConvergeHub can use for the following and much more:

  • To generate leads.
  • Send campaigns.
  • Nurture prospects.
  • Close sales.
  • Answer support tickets.
  • Generate contracts.
  • Store documents.
  • Manage products or services.
  • Send quotations.
  • Create invoices.
  • And much more.

Customization and automation features in ConvergeHub allow you to configure and automate your own business processes. This allows you to increase your productivity and reduce your workload.

Deltek Vision

Deltek Vision is a lead management system software that combines project accounting, resource management, project management, time management, and client management. All this into a single software. It can use as on-premises or in the cloud. Alerts, customizable reports, and role-based graphical dashboards allow users to have real-time access to vital business data. Using this method, problems that affect company performance and impede the proper implementation of projects can be found and identified.


Salesflare is the perfect alternative if your sales crew dislikes filling out CRMs. Automating and eliminating tedious data input are the primary goals of this CRM. Which we’ve found to be the only one of its kind on the market. In other words, it doesn’t care about your team’s level of organization.

Quick Base.

Quick Base is a database management system. This solution is in use by businesses and organizations. It uses to bring their concepts to fruition and make them more effective, informed, and productive. Half of the Fortune 100 firms use Quick Base, which has a large customer base. With this lead management software, you can design your own application. Doing it without coding and tracking all of your nonprofit initiatives, from fundraising to volunteer management and so forth.

Sales Rabbit

This is what you should know about a Sales Rabbit: Door-to-door and field sales teams can rely on SalesRabbit. Customer relationship management and lead management solution. Users have been able to motivate their workers, and efficiently manage their resources. By that to increase their sales proficiency because of this tool. It features lead tracking, leaderboards, team communications, company branding, territory administration, sales tools, GPS tracking, digital contacts, and more features.

Teamgate CRM

Teamgate CRM is a full-featured customer relationship management system that can help you with every step of the sales process. Those steps start from lead generation to post-sale support. Your sales pipeline can manage efficiently and effectively with connectors. With the help of intelligent research and reports, you can prepare for the future with confidence.


CRM and lead management software amoCRM is a cloud service. In addition to lead scoring, lead nurturing, sales analytics, and email integration, the platform provides a variety of other features. Features to help businesses improve their marketing strategy and generate more sales through leads. It provides a complete picture of the sales process, including revenue, lead count, sales rep, and tag breakdowns.

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