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Lead Forward – Method of leadership Development

Lead Forward - Method of leadership Development
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At Lead Forward, we’re on a mission to help you grow to your full potential. We want every leader to be able to take charge of their development so that they can lead their teams, organizations, and communities with confidence and passion.

Leaders design our programs for leaders who want to break through roadblocks and get results they never thought possible.

Lead forward method of leadership development

The Lead Forward leadership development method is a results-driven approach that helps you uncover your strengths and weaknesses, build a strong team, and create an environment where everyone can thrive.

Lead Forward uses two simple tools:

  • The Lead Forward Assessment – a self-assessment based on the 22 critical behaviors of leaders who get extraordinary results
  • The Team Development Process – a step-by-step process for identifying team strengths and weaknesses

Uncover Your True Potential

Now that you’ve seen the basics of leading forward let’s take a look at some of the steps involved. First, you are supposed to discover your true potential. What is your true potential? How can you uncover it?

For this process to work, though, and for you as a leader, everyone involved must understand how each step works together in concert with one another. Remember: leadership development doesn’t happen overnight.

Become a Transformational Leader

Transformational leaders are the ones who change the world. They are not just good. They are great. Not just smart, but brilliant. Not just lovely; kind.

As a transformational leader yourself, you must be able to see past people’s limitations and focus on their potential instead. This requires patience and a willingness to invest in others’ growth before expecting them to meet your expectations of success immediately, or at all, for that matter.

Leadership Coaching and Consulting Programs

We have two great options if you’re interested in leadership coaching and consulting programs. First is our LAUNCH program, a 6-month program where we work with leaders ready to grow their teams and get the desired results.

This program includes three monthly check-ins with one of our coaches or consultants. Weekly conference calls with participants same cohort, access to our online resources, and an action plan for every session so that you know what to take away from your time together.

Second: LEVEL UP This 12-month program provides personalized support and access to an exclusive community of like-minded individuals who will help you break through roadblocks on your journey toward personal growth and professional development.

Could you email us for more information about either of these programs or how we can best support you on this path forward?

Lead Forward

This is a method of leadership development that will help you uncover your true potential, become a transformational leader, improve your culture, influence others, and make an impact that changes lives.

Lead Forward is the only process in the world designed to help leaders:

  • Create meaningful relationships with their people who work together effectively on their mission;
  • Build cultures where everyone cares about each other and believes in each other’s abilities;
  • Develop new strategies that help create better results for themselves and their organization.
  • Make a difference in the world by leading forward.


When it comes to developing your leadership skills, countless resources are available. You can attend a seminar or workshop, read books and articles on the topic, or even hire a coach. But for many people who want an alternative method of learning about leadership that’s more dynamic and engaging than simply reading a book, there is another option: Lead Forward.

Why use Lead Forward? This method’s main benefit is that it allows you to learn by doing. While books and seminars provide valuable information, they don’t always give you the chance to practice what you’ve learned immediately afterward; with Lead Forward, however, there’s no waiting time between discovering something new and putting it into action in real-life situations where you will get immediate feedback on what worked well in those situations as well as what didn’t work so well.


The second step in the Lead forward leadership development method is exploring. This step is about finding out what is important to you, your team, and your organization by engaging with others who know about the topic.

You don’t need to start a book club or host an office-wide discussion on leadership; instead, start by building relationships with people from different areas of your company who are experts in their fields.

If there’s an issue that’s been bothering you for some time, but no one knows how everyone can help resolve it, invite employees from across departments into one room so they can hear each other’s perspectives, and try not to be afraid of offending anyone during this process.


You are part of a team, and you have to work together. This means you must be flexible, open-minded, and ready to adapt. Don’t be afraid to change things up if the situation demands it – but know that the changes will only help if they are done with forethought and consideration for everyone involved in the project.

You may also want to take risks. Failures are okay as long as we learn something from them! It’s okay not to know everything immediately; ask questions when you don’t understand something or ask someone else if you feel confused. Working together as a team will make your projects more successful in the long run because everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, which can be combined into one beautiful whole.


The fourth step to developing your leadership skills is to apply. You must implement your new knowledge and see what results you get.

If you changed how you communicate or learned to delegate more effectively, try it out in real-world situations and see what happens.

It’s important to note that the first three steps are not meant to be sequential but rather a cyclical process where one builds on the last, each step building on the previous until full maturity has been achieved for each one.


The Lead Forward Method

The Lead Forward Method is a structured process that you can use to develop your leadership skills. It’s practical, straightforward, and easy to follow, with each step building on the previous one. And it can be used by anyone in any organization.

What is the Lead Forward Method?

The Lead Forward Method is a leadership development program that helps leaders become more effective at their jobs. It’s based on neuroscience and the latest research in leadership development, and it focuses on emotional intelligence, which is key to effective leadership.

Leaders who have taken the Lead Forward Method understand how to:

  • build trust with your team members
  • overcome obstacles in your organization (and yourself), so you can move forward together
  • make decisions better by connecting with your intuition

What makes the Lead Forward Method of Leadership Development So Powerful?

The Lead Forward Method is a process that enables you to grow personally and professionally. It’s not a product you buy but rather a way of learning.

It provides an opportunity for self-reflection and personal growth through the power of group discussion, one-on-one coaching, and mentoring.

Lead Forward helps leaders develop their skills as communicators, collaborators, innovators, and decision-makers to be more effective in their roles.

The Five Principles of the Lead Forward Method

The Five Principles of the Lead Forward Method:

  • Listen to others and learn from them
  • Take responsibility for your actions and work to be a better leader every day
  • Embrace diversity, seek out new perspectives, and make sure everyone feels welcome on your team
  • Approach challenges with optimism, confidence, and trust in yourself and your colleagues
  • Be authentic Lead with who you are.

The Lead Forward Method sets leaders up for success.

Leadership development is a critical aspect of any successful business. It’s also part of the process that can take you to the top in your field and help your organization achieve its goals.

Leadership development is essential for career growth because it can help you advance to higher positions within your organization and unlock new opportunities. Leadership development is also critical to business success because it allows leaders to gain skills and competencies to help them succeed in their roles.

The Insights From Neuroscience That Make Up the LFM Model

Neuroscience can help you understand how the brain works to help you learn new skills, make decisions, and manage emotions. From this knowledge, you can use your mind to be a more effective leader. The LFM model includes four insights from neuroscience that will help you advance in whatever direction your team is headed.

The brain is the most critical asset of a leader. Our brains are the part of our bodies that allow us to think and act; they process information and store memories; they control our muscles; they will enable us to see things around us; and much more.

Emotional Intelligence Is Key to Effective Leadership

Leaders are made, not born” is a common adage often repeated in business circles. According to this quote, a person’s potential for leadership can be developed through training and experience. This makes sense because there are many different types of leaders, each with unique qualities that make them successful in their respective roles.

Leadership development is essential for career growth.

Leadership development helps you grow into a more effective leader, whether an individual contributor or team leader. It’s also a lifelong process that is ongoing.

Leadership development can help you succeed at work by giving you the skills and knowledge needed to lead teams successfully. You’ll learn how to motivate others, communicate effectively, and take action to improve your company.


If you’re ready to take your leadership to the next level, we can help. Our programs are designed to equip you with the tools and skills needed for success in your career and life.

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