How to track sales leads in excel?

If you need to keep track of sales leads, you might have already considered using a software program to keep track of them. In How to track sales leads in excel article we are going to talk about it. There are several options out there, including Freshsales, ToolsonCloud, and PeopleGlass. However, these programs may be more complex than spreadsheets. This article will explain some of the options that you may want to consider. In addition, we will also discuss the pros and cons of using the various programs.

How to Track Sales Leads in Excel?


One of the biggest problems with spreadsheets for tracking sales leads is that new leads are not automatically added to the spreadsheet. Instead, you have to manually add new leads. Additionally, virtual selling is increasing. With the PeopleGlass sales call tracking tool, you can track calls without having to log into Salesforce. With PeopleGlass, you can update call status, assign calls to Accounts, and add notes after a call.

Another problem with excel sales templates is that they can’t automatically pull data from Salesforce. Instead, your salespeople must manually import data and enter it into the spreadsheet. PeopleGlass excel tool for tracking sales leads can solve this problem by automatically importing Salesforce sales data and letting you filter the data for more accurate forecasts. This will save you time and money, especially if you need to export data from Salesforce regularly.

You can also use an Excel spreadsheet to track revenue from closed deals. The spreadsheet will break down revenue per item by product or service. It will help your sales managers and reps assess their progress toward their revenue goals. Moreover, sales managers can easily determine their big wins and areas of improvement. Without a CRM system, sales organizations struggle to keep track of leads. In such cases, a detailed sales lead tracking spreadsheet is essential to improve sales processes.

The PeopleGlass excel tool for tracking sales leads helps you integrate your sales and marketing teams and analyze their performance. In addition, it helps you identify which leads are not worth pursuing. It also helps you identify opportunities and improve your sales processes. It also helps you improve your forecasts and set sales goals. This way, you’ll have a single source of truth. For many companies, this single tool will allow them to track sales leads more accurately than before.


There are a variety of advantages to using ToolsonCloud for tracking sales leads in Excel. Its online interface makes it easy to get started with tracking sales leads and other associated things. For example, you can create and reuse a template for tracking leads in the same way as you would with an excel spreadsheet. Simply fill in the fields with the relevant information, including the company name and pipeline name. This way, you can easily track new leads and maintain a history of previous contacts.

If you are not a tech savvy person, then you can use a free template from ToolsonCloud that makes it easy to track sales leads. It is fully customizable and includes sections for capturing basic lead information as well as areas for forecasting monthly revenue. You can customize this template to suit your needs and it integrates seamlessly with Excel. If you want to track sales leads in Excel using a template, you can download it here.

A sales dashboard template can help you track potential revenue, deals by stage, and total leads. Besides the sales value and the probability of closing a sale, it also shows planned action steps to follow up on the most promising leads. These templates automatically calculate the revenue and other vital data for you. They also include helpful charts that display the current state of your sales funnel. When you use, you’ll have access to a custom sales workflow.

While a sales lead tracking spreadsheet template is free, it’s important to remember to include contact information for each individual lead. To keep track of your sales lead list, you can import the contacts from your prospecting tool. Datanyze is a browser extension for capturing prospects and leads. You can import Datanyze data into Excel and then export each lead’s contact information. There are other free templates, so you can use them as a starting point.


To import CSV data to Freshsales, you’ll need to map each column to a field in the program. For example, if you’re mapping records from Freshsales to Excel, you’ll need to map the owner of the record to a field in Freshsales. You can do this by creating a custom field first and mapping it to the Last Name column in the CSV file. Once you’ve mapped your fields, you’ll be able to import your data instantly. Freshsales will send an email if the import was successful.

After you have added the fields to Freshsales, you can map them to the correct field. If your column has a phone number, it will be treated as a duplicate if it matches the same phone number in Freshsales. If there are no phone numbers, you can skip the import and update each record manually. Once the import is complete, you’ll receive an email containing a CSV file. You can also import all the records with an empty field, without overwriting any of them.

If you want to track sales leads in Freshsales using Excel, Skyvia Connect can help. This solution exposes the Freshsales database via an OData REST API and makes it available to a variety of data-oriented applications and tools. Using Skyvia Connect, you can export data directly from Freshsales to Excel and vice versa. The Skyvia Connect app includes an Excel add-on and an Excel plugin.

Freshsales can help you identify high-quality leads and track their progress until they’re converted. Freshsales’ 360-degree customer view provides comprehensive information about each lead, including their conversions, contact information, and more. It also has a lead scoring feature that ranks leads based on engagement with your company. Freshsales also has an auto-profile to enrich your leads and contacts. You can even integrate the email system with Freshsales, which will save you time and effort.


If you want to keep track of sales leads, one great way is to import them into Todoist. This will let you add all the relevant details to each lead, and organize them by status. It’s perfect for solopreneurs and other small business owners who aren’t quite ready to invest in software for this task. Todoist is also a good choice if you’re looking to collaborate with your team online.

Todoist is a productivity app that integrates with Microsoft Excel. You can create tasks on Todoist right from your Excel spreadsheet. You can also share them with others, so they can keep track of them as well. Todoist even has sharing features, which make it easy to share tasks with other team members. You can also create lists of tasks that you’d like to share with others.

Todoist helps you organize your tasks and prioritize them. You can also assign priorities to your tasks and flag them for action. Todoist can help you stay organized while you’re juggling multiple priorities. If you’re a teacher, Todoist makes it easy to organize your different classes. Todoist also helps you manage your time and prioritize tasks according to priority levels.

In addition to these features, Todoist integrates with Google Calendar. Todoist will automatically add events and tasks from your calendar. You can also turn on Google Calendar integration in Todoist. Todoist is a great productivity tool for teams. Todoist is easy to use, and its intuitive design makes it easy to collaborate with others. This way, you can work with others on the same project and keep track of everything.

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