What are sales leads?

Introduction Sales leads are the lifeblood of any business, and without sales leads, you can’t generate revenue. So if you’re looking for ways to get more sales leads, this article is for you. A sales lead A sales lead is an individual or business that has the possibility of converting into a paying customer. Sales … Read more

Lead to sales

Introduction If you work in a sales position, you know how important it is to have leads for your business to thrive. A lead is someone who has expressed interest in buying from your company. Typically this means that they have filled out a form on one of your websites or have contacted you directly … Read more

Sales Lead Tracking

Automated sales lead tracking has several advantages. The main ones are organization and drag-and-drop capabilities. Rather than storing the emails on a separate tab, they can be moved effortlessly between columns. Using a sales board, you can have columns for each stage of the lead’s lifecycle, from prospect to customer, and so forth. You can … Read more

Sales Tracking System

A sales tracking system provides a wealth of information and data on your selling team. This real-time data can help leadership find out what is working and what isn’t. For example, if your closing rate is low, you can address the issue before it escalates to the level of an entire department. Sales tracking can … Read more