Using LinkedIn for sales leads?

How to use Linkedin for generating sales leads? LinkedIn has become a great publishing platform and lead generation tool for marketers and salespeople without many of us even realizing it. As long as you’re prepared to spend some time promoting your expertise and thought leadership, using LinkedIn to generate leads is rather simple. When it … Read more

14 Best lead management software

A quick Insight into the Best lead management software available in the market Acquiring new customers is the goal of Lead Management or Customer Acquisition Management. Which is a collection of techniques, practices, and procedures. As a result of this need, lead management tools had been developed by both small and large companies. Simplified customer … Read more

Lead Management Platform

Features to Look For in a Lead Management Platform The primary source of leads is social media, and over 50% of buyers will choose the vendor that responds to their query first. Choosing the right lead management platform will help you manage and enrich the information in those leads. The platform should also have the … Read more