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If you are looking for a way to get the most out of your business intelligence tools, look no further. Here are four of the best: Tableau, Looker, Cognos Analytics, and the Netlink Analytics Platform. Weigh your options and determine which will best fit your needs. If you aren’t sure which one to use, read on for some tips on selecting the best business intelligence tools. You’ll be glad you did.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Business Intelligence Tools?


If you’re looking for a comprehensive data visualization solution, Tableau is a great choice. The drag-and-drop interface makes creating a dashboard easy, and its advanced data-processing capabilities make it a top choice for business users and data analysts alike. Tableau’s BI platform has topped the market for the past seven years. Unlike many similar tools, Tableau allows users to create and share dashboards without any programming or technical knowledge.

Its drag-and-drop interface allows you to perform basic and complex data analysis. It supports advanced collaboration. The public dashboard allows multiple users to see data at once. The software also supports basic calculations and enables you to integrate it with R or Python. The software is highly customizable and can be used by businesses of any size, from small to large. Tableau also offers flexible pricing and single-payment licenses, making it a viable option for organizations of all sizes.

In addition to data analysis, Tableau includes other tools…

Its toolset goes beyond data analytics. In addition to data analysis, Tableau includes other tools for data preparation, processing, and prescriptive analytics. Users can even share dashboards with colleagues, clients, and partners via URLs. In addition to sharing data, Tableau can also export data to.csv and text files. Tableau has many collaboration options and complex cloud source explorations. The benefits of Tableau far outweigh the cons.

The software comes in both on-premise and cloud versions. For businesses looking to share data online, Tableau Public is an excellent option. Workbooks are hosted on a public server and are available to anyone. There is no limit on the amount of data you can share. However, users should make sure to keep sensitive corporate data out of the reach of the public. Additionally, there is a self-service ETL tool, Tableau Prep, that pairs with Tableau Desktop and allows users to manage data in their own way.


If you’re looking for a business intelligence tool that’s not limited to reporting, then Looker is a great choice. This browser-based tool provides data analytics and exploration for every aspect of your business. Looker leverages the work of┬áleading data analysts┬áto deliver insights into all aspects of your business. It operates 100% in-database and capitalizes on today’s fastest analytic databases. It also generates a data model for you from the schema you provide, allowing you to customize measures and dimensions as needed.

Although Looker can be used by non-technical users, it requires some technical expertise to use. The drill-down functionality in Looker is designed to help users focus on the most relevant information in the shortest possible time. Users can also customize data visualizations and create reports based on specific criteria. Looker is also free of security risks, meaning that your data is completely secure. You can also use Looker to integrate data sources from other systems.

Looker also offers advanced data exploration capabilities…

Looker also offers advanced data exploration capabilities. While these features are impressive, you will likely still have to do some dev work to integrate them. This is because Looker introduces an intermediary layer of abstraction. This can require some additional dev work up front, but should pay off later as the project matures. Moreover, it offers integration with popular big data solutions, like Salesforce and Redshift Datawarehouse. This makes Looker an excellent choice for large organizations looking for data governance and analytics.

Another key feature of Looker is its native mobile apps for iOS and Android. Looker supports 22 languages and has native apps for iOS and Android devices. You can also share visualizations with collaborators by scanning QR codes or using biometric authentication. This makes Looker a great option for companies who are constantly on the go. This software is accessible from any device, so you can share your insights wherever you are. The app also supports sharing content with others and transitioning between desktop and mobile.

Cognos Analytics

A Cognos Analytics business intelligence tool helps businesses visualize and analyze data to gain insights and drive better business decisions. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to uncover hidden patterns and trends. Before purchasing a Cognos Analytics license, learn more about its features. Here are some of the reasons to consider using this software to improve your business. Listed below are some of the most important features you can use to ensure that you get the most from the tool.

The event studio – This analytics tool helps you monitor and automatically act upon certain conditions. Typically, you can create alerts for certain data sets or conditions, and it can also be adapted to other sources. When used effectively, the Event studio can reduce human workload and eliminate information overload. The result is a more effective and profitable business. In addition, Cognos Analytics supports multiple data sources. In addition, the software can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise.

IBM Cognos BI

The re-branding of Cognos BI has allowed IBM to reposition its product as an enterprise analytics tool. The majority of Cognos BI version 10 features remain unchanged. Workspaces have been consolidated into one uniform user platform, and the Analytic Engine is basically the same. The framework manager still powers everything, so there weren’t a lot of changes in the user interface. In addition, the tool is still very powerful, allowing you to combine relational and OLAP data sources without losing performance.

IBM’s Cognos Analytics business intelligence tool enables non-technical users to analyze and share data with other departments. Its multi-dimensional dashboards let employees from different departments collaborate and view the data in a visual, interactive manner. With its scalable platform, Cognos can be deployed both on-premise and in the cloud. If your business requires a more advanced tool, you may want to consider the Cognos Analytics cloud solution.

Netlink Analytics Platform

If you’re looking for a business intelligence tool, you’ve probably come across Netlink’s CareCloud. This cloud-based business intelligence software solution comes with customized integration and deployment services. Its flexible architecture allows for easy integration with your current IT landscape, with no need to deploy multiple servers and maintain complex database configurations. Whether you need business intelligence for your own data, or you’re analyzing the data of your competitors, Netlink’s CareCloud can help.

Netlink Analytics Platform allows you to build and customize dashboards, reports, and more. Netlink’s analytics platform allows you to embed custom applications and self-service reporting into enterprise applications and portals. Because it is cloud-based and networked, you can create custom applications without any programming knowledge. Furthermore, you can get access to all of the latest data on your company’s performance. And because it’s flexible and easy to customize, Netlink’s analytics platform provides you with exceptional data visualizations.

Many companies have their own BI solutions…

While many companies have their own BI solutions, there are also many other options available. Netlink Analytics Platform is one of the most popular tools in the market, as it enables companies to visualize data across multiple databases and use it to make informed decisions. The software can also be integrated with your existing website and ERP systems. There are even free and paid versions of Netlink Analytics Platform. If you want to try out a business intelligence tool before buying it, contact Netlink’s support team for more information.

Another popular BI software option is SAP’s BusinessObjects. The software offers real-time and predictive analytics. The user interface is simple and intuitive enough for beginners to use, while the powerful tools help professionals analyze data and make decisions. This cloud-hosted analytics tool is designed to meet the diverse needs of different companies. Moreover, it can connect to multiple data sources and display complex, reliable data in professional reports. Furthermore, it comes with high-speed dash boarding capabilities to monitor trends and identify new opportunities.

Oracle BI

A powerful BI platform should be able to provide the full complement of information delivery, analysis, and reporting options. All components should be capable of serving different types of audiences who may need to access and understand data in multiple ways. Fortunately, Oracle BI delivers all of these capabilities in one integrated platform. Despite its complex architecture, the user experience remains intuitive and simple. With Oracle BI, you can make decisions in real time.

It is also possible to use pre-built reports or generate customized dashboards using Excel formulas. Board allows users to create dashboards based on their role, and allows them to navigate freely and analyze data. They can even create ad-hoc analyses and interactive reports and view data through a browser. Furthermore, users can customize their reports with conditional alerts, cell locking, and triggered events. For business users, the platform includes a wide range of features that make it easy to find and use.

Oracle BI business intelligence tools…

In addition to Oracle BI business intelligence tools, Hyperion EPM software combines a suite of Oracle BI applications and tools to create a unified performance management system. This software helps organizations better manage their financial, operational, and project performance with the tools and applications provided by Oracle. In addition to helping customers integrate Oracle BI tools and applications, Hyperion EPM provides a host of additional features, including performance reporting.

If you’re looking for a BI tool that helps your business make decisions and get the data you need, Looker is a great choice. It can integrate with any SQL database or warehouse. It is perfect for startups, midsize companies, and enterprise-level businesses alike. Looker is easy to use, with handy visualisations. It also has powerful collaboration tools, integrations with other applications, and a dedicated tech team to assist you in using it.

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